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Kelton Mckenzie former boxing champion business is a independent boxing and fitness specialists  

Boxercise4health   is   my   business   and   was   set   up   in   2009   after   competing   over   a   decade   on   the   amateur   and   professional boxing   scene.   I   specialise   in   boxing   and   fitness   activities   programmes   for   young   people   and   adults   in   the   city   of   Leicester and   Leicestershire.   My   key   partners:   Unity   boxing   club,   Leicester   City   youth   service   (SYA),   University   of   Leicester   (Sport and   Active   Lifestyles),   Leicester-shire   &   Rutland   Sport,   E2Online   and   Health   professionals   working   with   youth   referral schemes:   NHS   healthy   times   &   lifestyles .    For   more   details   &   information   contact   Kelton   Mckenzie   (boxercise4health) on 07976704585 between 10.00am - 6.00pm from Monday to Fridays.

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Year 5 & 6 Girls will get thier sports opportunity to box clever in Broughton Astley  at Orchard CE Primary School on Monday 19th February. Train like a boxer day with ex pro fighter.

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I retired from professional boxing in the late 90s as the 9 stone midlands boxing champion and had contended for the british title eliminator on two occasions. My highest

boxing ranking was number 4th in Great Britain and number 15th in the Commonwealth respectively (gettyimages). Tony Mckenzie my brother was crowned the British

light welterweight boxing champion when he knocked out the highly rated fighter Clinton Mckenzie in 3 rounds to clinch the British Title on Fight Night in (1986). Tony had

successfully defended the British title on two occasions..Follow all Kelton latest updates on Instagram

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Over   28   years   experience   in   the   boxing   and   fitness   industry   with   teaching   and   delivering   sessions   in   Primary,   Secondary   Schools,   College      and Universities.   I   have   gained   a   BSc   Sports   Science   Degree,   a   qualified   BOX   instructor,   Boxing   Tutor,   ABA   Coaching   Assistant,   Boxercise   and Metafit   instrutor,   First Aid   Certified.   Sports   Leaders   Level   1-3   Tutor,   UKYouth   Tutor,   Guide   to   Mentoring   Coaches,   Developing   Health   &   Fitness, Level 2 NCFE Working with Children & Young People.         

Kelton Mckenzie former professional boxer & midlands featherweight boxing champion

Personal Trainer Boxng & fitness
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Kelton Mckenzie former midlands boxing champion business is a

independent boxing and fitness specialists

Boxercise4health   my   business   was   set   up   in   2009   after   spending   a   decade competing    on    the    amateur    and    professional    boxing    scene.    I    specialise    in boxing   and   fitness   programmes   in   the   city   of   Leicester   and   Leicestershire   for y oung    people    &    adults    who    are    faced    with    numerous    disadvantages    and barriers   to   achievements   such   as,   poverty,   lack   of   education,   impoverished family environments, isolation and deprivation. I    have    over    28    years    experience    in    the    boxing    and    fitness    industry    with teaching   sports   programmes   specifically   in   Primary,   Secondary   Schools, Youth Clubs, College  and Universities.

Boxercise4health service and products

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 For more details contact Kelton Mckenzie (boxercise4health) on 07976704585 

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